Celtic Summer Solstice Celebrations


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The Summer Solstice is observed on June 21 to celebrate the longest day of the year all across the globe. In ancient times, the Celtics did not have clocks or calendars, so they measured the time often by the way the sunlight hit various passages in stone monuments set up for this exact purpose. The festival or celebration was called Alban Heruin. Traditionally, this was the time when the sun was ... read more

How to choose the right for their own summer sandals



Every woman should prepare a pair of high heels, high heels can not only modify our feet and legs type, is mature, sexy signs. Which 2013 new high heels recommended? If the MM in order to have a charming every leg, endured a high-heeled torture, to see people do we recommend 2013 new high-heeled shoes. Navy blue fish head high heels, on the foot effect is good, elegant and reveals a charming temp... read more